Thursday, December 10, 2015

Raaz Bhuiyan

Criminal Investigation in the New Millennium - udemy free course

Criminal Investigation in the New Millennium - udemy free course
The Present, the Past, and the Future: A Community Policing Approach

This FREE work addresses the following issues:

- How lovely are they at solving crime in the US? (Hint not so good)
- Who are the detectives and what do they do?
- How did they get in to this situation, and why?
- What can they expect in the future?
- And how much can forensics and expertise be expected help investigations?

To find answers to these and other questions, they explore the criminal inquiry method of the present, the past, and the future.

They present an overview of the subject in a listener-friendly and informative way. It is scripted to be understood by the casual observer, as well as the experienced investigator and the aspiring academic.

This work is rooted in the research literature and is amply referenced and well-cited. It provides some of the most comprehensive and current information obtainable on the method.

It does NOT teach how to be an investigator. In lieu, it teaches ABOUT the inquiry method itself.

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