Monday, December 28, 2015

Raaz Bhuiyan

Excel for Customer Service Professionals - udemy coupon

Excel for Customer Service Professionals - udemy coupon
Key skills you need to collect, analyse & communicate the numbers that drive your customer support or call middle.

In case you need to boost your skills in handling call middle & customer support information, then 'Excel for Customer Service Professionals' is for you.

This coursework will show you step-by-step how to increase your efficiency & accuracy in collecting & analyzing information, generating forecasts & generating clear, significant charts & reports.

Based on over0 years of practical classroom & on-the-job training sessions, the coursework segments & examples are designed for professionals working in a customer support or call middle surroundings: supervisors, managers, team leaders & resource planners.

'Excel for Customer Service Professionals' comes with a detailed 215 page eBook & a complete package of 36 Excel program models.

With the companion set of Excel models, you will learn best-practice hands-on skills to:

Collect, analyze & present financial/ operational information from customer support & call centers: including call statistics, customer interactions, efficiency & key result information
Calculate necessary staffing & resource allocations based on traffic forecasts
Communicate information succinctly & exactly to colleagues, clients & stakeholders.
You can use the eBook & Excel model resources immediately for analyzing call patterns, customer interactions, efficiency & key results, calculating necessary staffing & resource allocations based on traffic forecasts, & communicating information succinctly & exactly to your colleagues, clients & stakeholders.

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