Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Raaz Bhuiyan

Create Graphs & Charts Easily In Adobe Illustrator - udemy course

Create Graphs & Charts Easily In Adobe Illustrator - udemy course
A Simple , Simple To Follow Guide On How To Generate & Personalize Graphs In Adobe Illustrator CC

Graphs are the final way of expressing statistical information, used in different fields like Infographics, Presentations , Promotion, Research, Statistics, & lots of more

Graphs may look complex & hard to generate & deal with , but they are not . In this coursework , I will teach you how to generate & personalize different types of graphs In Adobe Illustrator CC

You : " But what if I don't know anything about using Illustrator ? " .

Me : Well , no worries ! I will quickly teach you the basics of Illustrator that you will need in this coursework , then move on to generating & customizing graphs .

After the basics , you will learn the following :

How To Generate A Graph
How To Resize & Rotate A Graph
How To Color The Portions Of A Graph
How To Add Percentage Text To A Graph
How To Generate Different Types Of Graphs
Join This Coursework Now ! You Will Be Generating Your Own Graphs Like A Pro In No Time !Happy Learning

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