Sunday, February 28, 2016

Raaz Bhuiyan

Set goals to be more productive & achieve anything you want - udemy coupon

Set goals to be more productive & achieve anything you want - udemy coupon
Learn to set goals for every area of your life & get the motivation to seldom quit

The purpose of this work is to inspire you to conquer your fears and set goals.

One time we have removed fear and replaced it with faith, our bravery and confidence will propel us on our quest for our dreams.

That is where objective setting comes in!

Goals are not meant to stress you.

They are supposed to stretch you!

You cannot shrink in to greatness you require to stretch.

"The issue with most people is not that they set goals to high and miss it, but they set goals to low and hit it" Les Brown

Why not take this work and challenge yourself to set a objective that will make something of you to accomplish it.

Goals are dreams with deadlines.

The other day I helped a mate set some goals for recording his next album. I suggested they have0 songs done by the finish of the year. I do know thats a lot, but I also know that if they chips away at it, they can get close to that goal even finishing seven songs would be a large success. The point isn't to beat yourself up in case you don't make the exact goal; the point is to take action. If they doesn't shoot for 10 songs, they might only have or songs done by the finish of the year, which is a long way from a full album. That's what setting a objective does: it puts some positive pressure on you to take action.

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