Monday, October 31, 2016

Raaz Bhuiyan

Intro selenium by create a linkedin bot with python - 100% Off

A comprehensive quick and fast intro selenium and hack linkedin networking site.

What is uncommon about this Intro selenium course ?

Prologue to selenium by doing a bot to mechanize ask for companion on Linkedin.

Commonsense just, no favor things

Code utilizing Python programming dialect.

After total the bot, beyond any doubt you will interface with significantly more companion on Linkedin

What you will learn from this Intro selenium course ?

Comprehend what is mechanize program and how selenium function

Get hand on aptitude by doing a genuine project

Intro selenium Course synopsis

Segment 1 : Intro selenium and enormous picture about computerize program. And afterward we do introduce python and selenium bundle

Segment 2 : Setting up Sublime Text, an awesome IDE to develop python

Segment 3 : Show selenium by coding

Segment 4 : Hand on make a bot to robotize companion ask for with linkedin

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