Monday, May 29, 2017

Raaz Bhuiyan

Evolve Intimacy & Improve Relationships with Love Languages - Udemy Coupon 95% Off

Evolve Intimacy & Improve Relationships with Love Languages - Udemy Coupon

Learn the essential vocabulary to becoming a more supportive partner.

Discover the way you feel most loved and appreciated in relationship
Learn all 5 Love Languages essential to authentic relating
Integrate your Astrology signs with the 5 Love Languages
Learn very specific practices and exercises for each love language in order to enhance intimacy
Understand the Neurobiology of falling in love vs. sustaining committed love
Learn to ask for what you need to achieve a balanced and blissful relationship

This Improve Relationships with Love Languages course also teaches the importance of the Neurochemistry of falling in love, and how it is essential to learn another's love language to sustain love on a neurological level. As a professional astrologer as well as relationship coach, I have also woven these 5 Love Languages into the archetypes of the zodiac to bring further insight. We also explore how love languages may shift over different phases of life and with different partners. Each section provides many exercises for integrating and empowering the Love Languages right now in your life.

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