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In Ignite Career Destiny Course you will go through 9 key sessions to give you your ultimate path.

This course covers personality, gifting, industry, passions, verbs, 'Ikigai', identifying multiple paths, creating a vision and how to create a 'TRG' plan.

Personality covers specifically your work values. You will identify what is most important to you and what is least important to you in the work place.

Gifting covers 10 areas. You will discover your top 3 gifts and also what you are least gifting at. You will understand how this impacts your daily work environment.

Industry involves zooming out and taking a look at the big picture. You will identify your top 3 most important industry's.

Verbs involve the 3 most compelling action words that get you out of bed in the morning. Once you discover these, you are able to enjoy so much more meaningful work.

Passions involve uncovering your most passionate cause and how that fuels you on your mission.

'Ikigai' stands for your sweet spot. You will learn how to tie together all of the previous elements to form your unique mission statement.

Then it is important to select multiple paths from good, better to delicious.

In the vision session, you will learn how to create your future in advance.

And in the final TRG session, you will learn how to create a MAP and a GPS so that you can stay on track with your vision.

Grab this Udemy course :https://www.udemy.com/course/ignite-career-destiny/?couponCode=319A13A32B3A6829D465

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This is the exact method I use to get my clients to rank high on local search results.

Have you been wondering how to get your business found on Google? Have you taken advantage of the power of Local SEO? With just a little bit of effort, you can quickly rank your business high on Google search results.

The most important place to get started is by adding and optimizing your information on Google My Business (Google Maps).

I’ll walk you through, step by step, how to set up, optimize and maximize your Google My Business page/Google Maps listing. I'll show you the most critical steps so that in just over an hour, you know what steps you need to take to move your business higher in Google Maps search results.

Google considers many factors when ranking businesses in local search. This includes how well your business matches the search query, how close the user is to your business and something called “prominence” which is essentially how popular Google thinks your business is. So things like other people online mentioning or linking to you, leaving you reviews, asking your business questions, or engaging with you through messaging, is all going to count. We will cover some of these things in more depth through the course.

Don’t worry if you’re just a beginner. This course offers very easy to follow steps. You’ll have your Google maps and business listing up and ranking well in no time.

If you want a course that’s easy to follow, with strategies you can do yourself, this course was made just for you. Get started today! :)

Udemy course :https://www.udemy.com/course/google-my-business-2020/?couponCode=GOOGLE-SUCCESS2022

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What you'll learn in this course:

How To Speed Up Your Workflow.

Learn How To Create Spectacular Music In Ableton Live 10.

Learn How To Be A Professional Ableton Live 10 User.

How To Build Your Own Track From Scratch In Ableton Live 10 In A Day.

Learn How To Avoid The Pitfalls Of The Current Producer.

Learn How To Finish More Music Quickly and Effectively.

Learn The Tools You Need To Be Successful In The Music Industry!

How To Stay Competitive And Finish More Tracks.

Learn How To Arrange Music.

How To Market Your Music Using Various Tools, Strategies And Tactics.

How To Pitch Your Music To Spotify Music Playlists.

How To Approach More Record Labels And Where To Find Them.

How To Distribute Your Music to Major Stores Successfully Such As: Spotify, Beatport, Apple Music, iTunes Etc.

Learn How To Improve Upon Existing Skills In Ableton Live 10 And Music Production In General.

Learn How To Master The Main Audio Effects And MIDI Effects In Ableton Live 10.

Understand How To Utilize Your Time In Ableton Live 10.

Learn How To Make Your Own Artwork And Helpful Creative Techniques.

Learn About Automation And How To Create Automation Shapes

How To Make A MIDI Only Track In 10 Minutes.

Learn How To Finish More Projects And Be More Organised In Ableton Live 10.

Learn How To Understand Reference Tracks And Their Benefits.

Learn How To Utilize And Understand Max for Live And It's Useful Tools.

Learn Where To Find Unlimited Sample Packs.

How To Map Your Hardware In Ableton Live 10.

Learn How To Use The MIDI-MAP In Ableton Live 10.

Learn How to Maximise Your Spotify Revenue.

Learn How To Use Send And Return Tracks.

Learn How To Understand Your Global Demographic In The Music Industry.

Learn Marketing And How To Pitch Your Music To Record Labels.

Learn How To Find Your Own Music Production Mentor.

Learn How To Be As Productive As Possible In Ableton Live 10.

Learn How To Mix In Key.

Learn About Mixing And Mastering.

Learn Advanced Techniques Found Nowhere Else On The Internet.

Learn How To Make Professional Sounding Music.

Learn How To Boost Your Confidence As A Music Producer.

Learn How To Sign To A Major Record Label.

Learn How To Expand Your Profile.

Learn About The Music Industry.

Learn About All Areas Which Factor Towards Success From Music Production To Marketing And Distribution.

Learn How To Produce Music Much Faster.

Revolutionize The Way You Use Ableton Live 10.

Learn Bespoke Ableton Techniques To Help Create An Unrivalled Workflow.

Learn What Key Components Make A Track Sound Great.

Learn To Understand How The Top 1% Of Music Producers Work.

Udemy course :https://www.udemy.com/course/workflow-tutorial-how-to-make-a-track-a-day/?couponCode=04D9A9D633ACFFD42547

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Start learning English online at your own pace and improve your skills through our high-quality courses and resources – all designed for adult language learners. Everything you find in this course has been specially created by our English teaching experts in our Academy.

This course includes:

Course structured in Grammar Packs & Practice Packs & Vocabulary lessons with everything you need to improve your English easily.

Subtitled video lectures explaining the grammar topics in a very easy to understand way.

You will practise everything by doing exercises.

Lots of resources and exercises to train your listening in different accents and real TV examples.

You will also improve your reading, pronunciation, spelling, and increase your vocabulary.

Monitor your progress with Review Tests along the course.

Downloadable material on pdf format.

Check the course curriculum for the specific content of this course.

Udemy course :https://www.udemy.com/course/english-grammar-for-beginners/?couponCode=CURRENTBESTPRICE

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Smartphone photography is taking over, and being able to create amazing edits will make your artwork stand out. In this class I'll show you how to use the Snapseed app to enhance your pictures, using only a phone or tablet.

Who is this class for? Beginners that are new to photo editing or people who take pictures with their phone and want to edit on the go.

Topics covered:

Downloading Snapseed for Android or iOS

How to import your images

Applying presets

Exposure correction

Fixing white balance

Selective adjustments

Erasing unwanted objects

Cropping your pictures

Saving your edits

Shooting raw vs jpg

See you in class!

Udemy course :https://skl.sh/3chHD8C

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Learn Social Media Marketing - Lets increase your online business - Take Control of your Life

This course is for people who want to bounce off of the bottom of their life and start improving rapidly. This course is for people, who want to get simple sense of business, fitness and lifestyle. I'm not saying this course will make you a millionaire, but it will set you up for the greatness. This course will teach you how to build wealth, not how to look rich. This course will teach you how to protect your wealth, not how to buy a Lamborghini. It will teach you how to start living a better life and not how to ruin it. All of this in one place and for a great price.

Grab this Course :https://adventurepreneurial.wixsite.com/course

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This course takes on the challenge of providing the foundational knowledge you need to communicate more effectively and build strong relationships with your colleagues.

In this course, you will learn:

Identify the best communication method for different types of issues or requests

Communicate more effectively during teleconferences

Write better emails

Avoid the pitfalls of instant messaging

Understand the principles of being polite when working remotely

Build and consolidate relationships with your colleagues or customers

Udemy course :https://www.udemy.com/course/remote-work-etiquette/?couponCode=D42BC60C96630D009F45

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We carefully created the course to help you learn all essential topics needed for GMAT and GRE test preparation. Throughout the course, we will be sharing useful concepts such as geometry, algebra, arithmetic, probability, permutations, graphs, statistics, inequalities, and many more. You can just follow this course and get fully ready to face the exam.

The best thing about our course is that we don't teach you the same old theoretical concepts you learned at school. Instead, you will be able to learn the techniques, which can be effective when taking GRE or GMAT exams. These techniques include:

- Finding answers to data sufficiency questions

- Answering Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)

- Answering Quant Comparison Questions

All the techniques will help you to arrive at the right answer while saving time. In the meantime, we also make sure that you gather useful knowledge. The time you spend following our course is surely a great investment that you can do in the future.

Do you want to follow the course?

We offer the first few sessions for FREE please watch them and enrol in the Course. All the Best.

Udemy course :https://www.udemy.com/course/master-gre-maths-conceptstechniques-through-animatedvideos/?couponCode=JUNEOFFER

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