Swift and iOS8 Apps in 31 Days: Build 16 iPhone apps - Coupon $10

From a former Apple employee and the incredibly successful Kickstarter project (475% funded) comes the Swift and iOS8 Apps in 31 Days: build 16 iPhone appscourse.

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The Swift and iOS8 Apps in 31 Days course is the most comprehensive, cost effective, and career changing iPhone app development course that you’ll find online – or your money back.

BONUS CONTENT - Learn from the creators of Square, Zombie Highway, andFantastical. You’ll get insight into how successful app developers have been able to get millions of downloads and tons of money. Listen to the exclusive interview and Q&A that you can’t get anywhere else! The insight is worth $1000’s!

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From Beginner to iOS App Developer in 31 Days
  • Xcode and Interface Builder
  • Buttons, user input, and adaptive UI
  • Swift: Apple’s new programming language (the future of iOS)
  • Variables, tables, touch gestures, and Auto Layout
  • Navigation, storage, and web content
  • Images, animations, and App Store polish
  • Facebook SDK and JSON
  • Web services + top 100 App Store app tracker
  • App Store submission
  • Open source code and SDK integration
  • Interview with successful app developers (millions of downloads + $$$ = Day 12)
Throughout 150 lectures and over 18 hours of content, you will start with the basics and build apps from the very beginning. You’ll learn tips and tricks to work effortlessly with Xcode and Swift.
Throughout the course you will build upon knowledge into bigger apps using web, animations, and touch input. Together these technologies will allow you to create apps like many on the top 100 lists of the App Store.

I promise that this course will not waste your time or hard earned money. You don’t need to buy books, expensive online courses, or bootcamps. Skip old YouTube videos that lack a structured curriculum.

With the Swift and iOS8 Apps in 31 Days course you will get everything you need, all with one convenient, easy to navigate online course.

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