GRUNT js - Automate web development tasks and save your time - Udemy 100% Off Coupon

Save time automating web development tasks like compressing CSS/ JS files on fly. Set once and enjoy your freed time..

As a front-end developer you have to do many time consuming tasks. Grunt is a task runner which is automating web development tasks and it will save you lots of precious time. As always time = money. Save your time by learning Grunt.

Sample tasks that gonna be executed for you by Grunt:

compressing of CSS and JS files -> making files smaller means faster loading speed of your website
merging CSS and JS files -> you can maintain many JS/CSS files and at the end use only one which is decreasing the number of required requests (improving loading website speed)
optimize your images -> reducing their file sizes without affecting quality
automatically adding vendor prefixes -> you won't need to worry about vendor prefixes anymore. Grunt is giving you the perfect solution with no performance hit and nothing new to learn.
find Javascript bugs almost instantly -> bugs in JS are the hardest to spot. With JShint one of the Grunt plugins you can forget about this problem.
and many more -> there are over 4,000 plugins available

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