Save on a Computer: Run Windows, Mac, & Linux with Virtualbox [Udemy 100% off ]

Setup Windows, Ubuntu, & Mac on VirtualBox and get the benefits of each without buying a new computer.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to run Windows or Linux on your Mac without having to dual boot and section off parts of your hard drive for the pleasure? Have you ever wondered how the poor other half of users lives with themselves without the glorious operating system you skillfully command day to day?

Well, now you can learn how to do just that from a long time software engineer and web programmer who uses the tools you're about to learn in practice on a daily basis. Nothing beats someone who's had experience with what you want to learn, but better yet, is still using the very piece of software they teach, to ensure the best knowledge possible direct from the field. It doesn't get any better than that.

This course will guide you through setting up VirtualBox, a free virtual machine application (I'll explain what that means in detail), which allows you to run operating systems on your computer other than the one you currently use. You may need to buy a version of the operating you want to use if you don't have it, but it can be found online as well (though it is questionable whether or not that is considered piracy, so be careful to research it first).

This course will be helpful for anyone needing to run a different operating system on their computer for any reason.

The following people will most benefit from this course:

  • Web developers doing operating system or browser testing
  • students trying to learn technology based subjects, such as programming
  • business people who need to understand how to use operating systems or applications for their business or to better serve customers
  • hobbyists tinkering with applications
  • people with children who must play that one old game that only runs on Windows (for example)
  • anyone with relatives who need remote support
  • you can install their version of the operating system software and see what they are seeing on your own computer without having them download or connect to a viewing application (which can be hard if you're troubleshooting internet access for example).

This course contains nearly an hour of video (more to come in the future on topics such as Windows 10, which is due out soon) on VirtualBox and installing subordinate operating systems. I'll be taking you step by step through the whole process but leaving out the long periods of waiting for things to install, so that you are not bored by the subject matter presented in the least.

This course is constructed chronologically so you can easily follow the process from one step to the next with each section building upon the last, with multiple variants for different operating systems grouped together to pick the one you care about. It will be helpful to watch the videos for other systems as they contain many clues and helpful hints on the process as well.

If you want to learn another operating system for work, fun, learning, security or development testing without affecting your main computer and without buying another computer you aren't sure you want yet, this course will give you that knowledge and skill to do just that in under an hour if watched straight through.

You will learn how to:

  1. Download and install VirtualBox, a free program
  2. Create and configure virtual machine instances for best results
  3. Install both Windows and Linux on a virtual machine step by step
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