Thai Cooking Class with Chef Kae - Free Coupon

A Thai cooking class in your home with Chef Kae. Learn about proper Thai cooking ingredients and recipes for Thai food.

Learn to cook Thai dishes. Get started with this introductory course for cooking traditional Thai cuisine. Your instructor, Kae, was formally trained as a chef in Bangkok and Chiang Mai, at two world class Thai resorts. You will learn some simple but popular Thai dishes that you can easily prepare in minutes. We will add notes for ingredients you will need to prepare each dish.

  1. This course is for cooks of all levels who enjoy Thai food
  2. Learn to cook with authentic Thai ingredients
  3. These are dishes that you can cook at home, without high heat and a wok
  4. Most dishes only take a few minutes to prepare
  5. This is a starter course for some of the most popular Thai dishes

Courses are in English with a few in native Thai language as well

Finding the right Thai ingredients can be a challenge for some people who do not live in more urban areas. We have added resource areas on our website where you can find and order Thai ingredients, cooking accessories, etc. for delivery to your home. Look for Chef Kae on the web or Thai Life USA (Thai language)

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