The Ultimate Android Lollipop Tutorial - From Novice to Pro - udemy coupon

The Ultimate Android Lollipop Tutorial - From Novice to Pro - udemy coupon
The only Tutorial that teaches A-Z of Android Development 5.0. Become a Professional in developing Android Apps.

The No. 1 Android Development Tutorial that teaches you how you could develop a Professional Android App yourself - YES YOURSELF - using the latest Android Lollipop APIs. To Create a great App you must be sound with how to program with Android APIs.

What the course will entail -

  1. The Tutorial shall cover the basics of Android Development to using Google Cloud Messaging for sending Notifications. We endeavor to cover majority of components added till Android KitKat 4.4 and added in Android Lollipop 5.0 that are commonly employed by professionally developed Apps.
  2. Integration of Social Media Facebook, Twitter ,Pinterest etc shall find a place in the tutorial as they are now Integral part of every Application.
  3. Third party libraries like Aquery etc shall also be dealt with in detail to support Application Development .
  4. Every stage shall come with a project to test you in the knowledge gained in that stage.
  5. If you are thinking of a commercial Android App and cannot look for resources around the Internet for help, this one is for you. We endeavor to make it the best tutorial you would encounter for Android.
  6. Every Section shall have a small development project to test your grasp of the Section.
Keep Androiding .....

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