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Meet the methods and skills to spot a liar

Did you know that 93% of people regularly lie in your daily life?
This course will teach the methods and skills so you know when you are lying.

In an ordinary conversation with a person, he lies to you in 3-4 times on average. Show over 11 tracks, what the best way to spot a liar is.

How we can help this course? To improve our relationships in our work life, sentimental or professional.

Know the detail, body language techniques. 81% of language in a conversation takes place through body language. We may interpret when a person is lying to us when we are talking to her.

One of the most interesting topics within this course is the meaning of eye movement. Interpreting know perfectly that a person is thinking when we spoke to her, and if we're lying.

Not only can interpret lies in a social interaction, but we know when we are being lied when talking to a person whatsapp or email. This will help us to improve in the workplace, as we know when we are hiding the truth.

In recent issues, see which method in a job interview and how to detect lies in a relationship. In the first of these issues, see which the best way to a job interview is. In a study conducted in 2005 it was observed that 94% of respondents, human resources workers, rated as most important quality of a worker sincerity. We learn as we do a job interview and we must do to have more chances of being hired. In the second of this topics, we will see what are the methods to know when we lie within a relationship. Many people worry that your partner lie to them. In this course, we will appreciate and differentiate the types of lies that occur in couples.

This course is performed in order to be studied by anyone.

You do not need any prior knowledge. Only be eager to learn and know the intricacies of lie detection.

We firmly believe that you can become a human lie detector at the end of this course.

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