Business Plan: For Startup & Small Business Success Today! - 299$

Business Plan success can be easily achieved by using this Comprehensive Business Plan and Cashflow Forecast template.

Whenever the word “Business Plan" is mentioned most people freeze! What follows are the words “I don't know how to write one". In reality it needs not be this way.

That is why I have taken the lid off and delivered these videos in plain English what needs to be considered and included within a business plan. This course has been designed to help those who are writing plans for the first time or for those who write business plans infrequently (Even seasoned business plan writers will learn one or two things, I promise!) .
I want you to know that the information contained in this course has been used to help many start-up and growing businesses and I am confident will be of tremendous value to you.
In this course you will watch over my shoulders as I create a 12 Month Cashflow Forecast from scratch!

Course Also Includes:
Downloadable Templates.
The Comprehensive Business Plan Template

The Five Parts of a Business Plan

Part 1: Marketing Plan: “What I Want To Do"
-Industry overview
-Sector overview
-Total Cost plus profit
-Competitors Price
-Ability for customers to pay
-Standard & Average Price
-Business Name

Part 2: Operations Plan: “How I Am Going To Do It"
-Business Structure
-Sole Trader/Self Employed
-Partnerships (Unlimited Liability)
-Limited Company (Limited by Liabilities)
-Company Limited by Guarantee
-Training Requirements

Part 3: The Financial Plan: “What It Will Cost To Do It"
-What does a Cash flow Forecast look like?
-Profit and loss account

Part 4: Appendices: “Additional Supportive Information"
-Letters of intent
-Letters of recommendation
-Other Literature

Part 5: Executive Summary
-Business Challenges and how I plan to overcome them
-How much do you need?

This course will help you put together a Comprehensive Business Plan that can be used to run your new startup and also raise funding if needed. There are 2 PDF Documents you should use to follow the lectures. (Please download them before you start)

95% of the content is video based so that you can follow the process as easy as possible. You have over 6 hours worth of content so I assure that much of what you will need is already included!

I have set up the course so that you can follow a logical sequence used to write the business plan.

I am confident of a useful outcome for you!

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