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Learn how to make more money with Google Adsense from your websites and make easy money from YouTube videos.

Welcome to the Google Adsense Course!

Google Adsense is a PPC (Pay Per Click) ad network which You can use to monetize your online content in shape of websites and blogs. Google Adsense works on per click basis, and You can convert your visitors/traffic into dollars without any hassle, the more visitors you have, the more You'll make money from Adsense.

A few features that differentiate Adsense from all other PPC networks are following:
  1. User Friendly Interface for Publishers
  2. The Most Relevant & Dynamic Ads
  3. The Highest Payouts with Flexible Payment Methods
  4. No Specific Requirements
  5. Worldwide Support for Multiple Languages & Currencies
  6. Multiple Support Channels for Publishers
  7. Personalized Tips & Recommendations for Publishers
The Content & Objectives of this Course:

This course is a complete course on Google Adsense which will cover each topic in detail, after watching 3+ hours of content & 30+ lectures, You'll come to know the real potential Adsense has for you, some of the topics we'll discuss in the course are as follow:
  1. What's Google Adsense?
  2. PPC vs CPM Ad Networks
  3. Understanding Adsense Program Policies
  4. Setting up Website for Adsense
  5. Applying For Adsense Account (And Requirements)
  6. Adding Google Ads to Website/Blog
  7. Best Placements for Google Ads
  8. Best Adsense Units to Use
  9. Increasing Adsense Revenue
  10. Increasing Adsense CTR/CPC and RPM
  11. Improving Adsense Score Card
  12. YouTube Monetization with Adsense
  13. Keeping Your Adsense Account in Good Standing
If you have any question during the course, You can ask in the discussion. I'll personally give you suggestions/tips to increase Adsense revenue.

Whey to take this course?

If you are really serious to make more money with Google Adsense then this course is for you, after watching the course, You'll understand the real potential in Google Adsense, so if that's the case for you then take action today.

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