Drupal for Beginners - Start Successfully - Udemy Coupon

Drupal for Beginners - Start Successfully - Udemy course Coupon
Go from zero Drupal knowledge to being a member of the Drupal community and using your very own Drupal website!

Drupal is a powerful tool that is backed by a passionate community. You've made an excellent choice in deciding to have a look at Drupal! The first step in your research process is to install Drupal. You will also connect yourself with Drupal's passionate community.

Start Your Drupal Journey Like a Guru and Learn How to Tap Into All the Resources at Your Disposal!

Establish yourself as Drupal's newest community member.
Launch yourself on a trajectory of success.
Avail yourself of all the resources that are available to help you in your quest for Drupal mastery.
Install Drupal in the environment of your choosing

You will learn about five different options to install Drupal, including three no cost options.

Overview of Course Structure and Content

You do not need to be a programmer or even have a technical background to take this course; I have designed it to be completely accessible to total beginners. I promise you that you will successfully install Drupal in the environment of your choice by the end of this course. If you aren't able to get Drupal installed by following the existing lectures, I will work one-on-one with you until we have resolved all your problems.

You will watch screen casts and slide shows; read text documents; complete quizzes to ensure you are understanding the material; and complete the whole process of getting started with Drupal by following along lesson-by-lesson.

You will proceed sequentially through ~16 lectures (depending on the path you choose) that are grouped into four sections. The first section walks you through creating, confirming and updating your account on Drupal's main website. The second section shows you some of the ways that you can interact with the members of the Drupal community. The third section, which is the heart of the course, provides you with your options for installing Drupal. The fourth section highlights some of the administrative functionality of your Drupal site.

Upon completion of this course you will have installed Drupal. You will have developed the know-how and confidence that you can "do Drupal." You will be ready to take other courses to learn things such as how to add content, create menus, create blocks or add users.

Get started now and get ready to harness all the power that Drupal puts under your control!