Make Money with Images that You Capture with Digital Camera #Photography Udemy Coupon

Photography: Learn how to make money with your images that you capture with digital camera.

Do you own a digital camera and have some talent with photography or vector graphics? Do you have access to a computer with an Internet connection? Would you like to make money from the images you take with your digital camera or your artwork? Answer “yes” To those three simple questions, and you have given yourself a perfect reason to continue with this course.

This course will teach you all you need to know to start making money with your images in days from your digital camera and computer .The course reveals the secret and assess the opportunities. Specifically this course covers following.

Part 1 : Agencies to sell images and make money

What agencies are and how they work
What images sell and what do not and why
How to meet strict technical requirements
Easy tips to put you one step ahead
Pitfalls and how to avoid them
Information on leading agencies and which are best for you
Legal requirements, including specimen model releases and copyright information
Part 2 : Create a outstanding photography website + Store

This course will teach you step by step creating a complete WordPress photography website + store where you can sell your own images directly from your website
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