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Agile Scrum Training : Learn about Scrum and using Scrum. Learn about the Scrum Process and Agile Project Management.

Scrum is a management and control process that focuses on building the software and meeting business needs; it is designed to cut through all the complexity. Project management and teams; using Scrum; are able to deliver working software incrementally using the requirements rather than spending a big percentage of time up front on understanding and planning all requirements before starting on the programming.

Scrum allows your analysts to create user stories from the requirements that will concentrate on what you need for the next iterations; this allows development to start at the beginning of the project. It also allows any changes in the requirements or scope to be addressed immediately rather than at the end of the development (as would happen in waterfall).

Scrum itself is a simple framework for effective team collaboration on complex projects.

This course has been designed to introduce you to Scrum, the elements of Scrum. You will learn what are the different roles in the Scrum Teams; you will learn about Scrum Artifacts (such as what is the Product Backlog) and you will learn about Scrum Reports.

I'm created this course so that anyone can get to grips with the Scrum process. By the end of this course you will have an understanding of the Scrum process and what you need to accomplish.

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