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YouTube - Create A Low Budget YouTube Marketing Video In 12 Easy Steps
Do you want to get involved with YouTube Video marketing but have a very low budget? This course will explain how!

Do You Need To Create A YouTube Marketing Video On A Low Budget?

Then this course is for you, it will take you through the 12 basic steps you need to take.

Who Is This Course For?

This course is for beginners, anyone who has only just started out in video production and YouTube marketing.

What Will You Learn In The Course?

In this course you will learn about the following subjects:

Identifying your target audience:

Creating a niche audience is key if you want your marketing to work, in this lecture we explore that process.

Creating a shooting environment:

Creating the right look for your audience is key when it comes to creating a marketing video, we explore this in this section.

Creating a script:

When starting out, it is very important to create a script, to help you through the process of presenting on camera in a comfortable way.

Choosing equipment on a budget:

Knowing what equipment to buy on a budget is really important, you don't want to waste your money!

Lighting your video shoot:

Knowing how to light your shoot will dramatically affect the end quality of your video production.

Recording the sound:

Sound can be extremely complicated, our quick guide will help you through that process.

Composing your subject:

In this section we will show you some basic composition skills to get you going.

A quick guide to editing:

We share the core editing skills you need to learn.

Creating compelling titles:

In this section we share some SEO tips for creating titles that work.

Creating good descriptions:

We will take you through how to create a description that is good for Search Engine Optimisation.

YouTube tags:

The secret weapon of any YouTube marketing video promotion.

YouTube annotations:

Powerful calls to action that can get results from your marketing.

Join us on the other side:

So join us on the other side and start learning how to create a YouTube Marketing Video.

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