Instructing Multilevel Adult Groups - #AdultEducation

Creating a professional adult learning environment

Instructing groups of diverse adult learners is a special field –– different in significant ways from instruction in an institutional academic setting. The adult learner brings to the learning situation many strengths, as well as needs, that the instructor must understand and take into account.

A crucial consideration for the instructor is his or her own role, which is vastly different from that of the traditional “teacher”. This course provides the guidance for the instructor to adapt to the new role.

This course consists of 26 carefully focused video lectures.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  1. Learner diversity
  2. Characteristics and needs of adult learners
  3. Collaborative learning
  4. The instructor as facilitator
  5. Problem-based learning
  6. Effective group structure and dynamics
  7. Effective collaborative tasks
  8. The power of formative assessment

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