Just Chords Piano: Piano and Keyboard made easy - 100% Off

Learn Piano or Keyboard in weeks, not years, using just chords, using the expertise of a piano teaching expert.

Learning to play piano by the use of chords is an ideal method for those not wishing to take the traditional route including an exam syllabus.

For those wishing to play popular songs either for themselves or to sing with friends, this type of course will provide the required level of ability to download song chords and words from the internet or from other sources. The song can then be played using the knowledge of chord playing taught in the course lectures.

No prior experience is required, the course is for beginners.

A piano or keyboard is required for use during the lectures and for practicing between lectures. The course is cantered around a resource book that contains, diagrams of chords used and the necessary schedules for between lecture practicing.

The resource book can be used locally on a computer; however it is more beneficial to print the book. In this way it can be placed on the piano music stand for practicing the exercises in the book.

The course uses standard terminology throughout; nothing in the course would negatively impact on anyone wishing to embark on a traditional piano course later. This course would help in such cases.

The course is entirely in video with all exercises and practice schedules played for students. This enables students to return to videos to listen to how they should sound should they not be sure. The resource book is in the form of a PDF file as is a chord book that has many chord diagrams for each major and minor key in music.

The course requires time for each lesson to be watched. Ten to fifteen minutes a day (every day) is required for practice schedules to be carried out. The whole course should be completed in approximately 5 to 12 weeks. This will depend on the time available by each student. Learning piano is a lifetime event. The time to complete the course is irrelevant. Students will be learning to play better for ever. The time to complete the course be it six weeks or sixty weeks should not be considered an obstacle.

The course tutor provides support permanently for anyone taking her courses, not just during the course time.

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