Learn LibreOffice now, start using the FREE suite: Calc

All you need to know about LibreOffice Writer, from the basics to taking advantage of all the major benefits it offers.

LibreOffice is a powerful free suite, learn how to use it at best to make your documents look good and support modern open document formats.

Learn all you need to know to use LibreOffice to full advantage!
You are going to see the different components of LibreOffice and a series of how-to guides.
Calc, the spreadsheet.
From writing a simple budget to organise a collection to all you need to know to create complex spreadsheets. Learn fast input, formulas and tools that will make you more productive and achieve better results in lesser time.
Customize LibreOffice to your liking and learn tools and extensions available that will make your life easier.

I am adding lectures and the price will soon go up to $17 after the launch.

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