Learn Photoshop : Basics to Advanced - 13 projects included - Udemy Coupon 90% Off

Learn photoshop ,starting from basics to mastering tools to working with layers, ,colors ,filters to advanced projects

Perfect Delivery.

If I were to re-title this Learn Photoshop : Basics to Advanced - 13 projects included course for you I would call it “Photoshop Made Easy”. The instructor has designed and taught the course in an easy step by step method that made understanding very easy. For someone sitting through an application for the first time, I think the course was delivered perfectly. Learnt a lot!

Awesome place to start!

Been looking for a photoshop course that really covers the basics! I've found some youtube tutorials, but nothing that really puts everything together like this one! Loved every minute of it! Thanks Supriyo!


The comprehensive Photoshop course! Every popular photoshop function is described and shown how to use! Saves days of studying the software manual!

Make photoshop your friendly software by learning it step by step . We will cover everything , starting from basics to advanced projects.

Learn Photoshop : Basics to Advanced - 13 projects included will cover the followings :
  1. Familiarize with Photoshop Interface
  2. Creating Shapes in Photoshop
  3. Mastering all the Tools in Depth
  4. How to Blend Images Seamlessly
  5. How to Decorate an Image
  6. How to create Reflection Effect
  7. How to create Awesome Text Effect
  8. How to create Rain Effect , Cloud Effect
  9. How to create Pixel Perfect Designs
  10. How to Increase Height of Buildings
  11. How to create Blur backgrounds , Polygon Backgrounds
  12. How to create Whirlpool Effect , Bokeh Effect

In a few hours , you will not only learn Photoshop in depth , but will also be able to create awesome effects in Photoshop.

So, Lets dive in.

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