Marketing Planning for Solopreneurs - Udemy 100% Off

Get your marketing mojo going with step-by-step marketing planning!

Are you a solopreneur or small business owner?

Do you get caught up in the urgent, day-to-day activities of your business?

Are you ready to plan for success?

In this course, you'll learn marketing fundamentals and create your own marketing plan! you deserve to learn from an expert who has both academic and small business criteria. I've walked both MBA students and small business owners through these steps to creating an effective marketing plan.

I'll explain successful goal-setting; You'll set your goals!

I'll teach you how to really nail your target market(s) & positioning. You'll write a powerful positioning statement.

I'll walk you through the key elements of the marketing mix. You'll walk away with step-by-step actionable plans to grow your revenues and profits.

Get your marketing mojo going! Enroll now!

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