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Mastering Beauty Retouching & Photo Restoration - Udemy $10 Coupon
Learn "master techniques" of "Beauty Retouching and Photo Restoration" with 15 projects

Do you think "Restoring" a "Damaged Photo / Old Photo" is impossible ?

Are you spending lots of "dollars" for "removing pimples , wrinkles , white spots on teeth" from your image/photo ?

Do you like to improve your image quality ?

Do like to retouch your skin, hair , eyes , lips , teeth ?

Are you a Photographer and you want to satisfy your customers and clients with your Retouching skills ?

If answer of any of the above questions is "YES", then you should take this course , and also you will love it .

Learn Master Techniques of Beauty Retouching and Photo Restoration in Photoshop .

This is a project-based course , and hence we will be doing 15 Projects .

We will start with the tools , which we will be using through out the course. Then , we will see, how to retouch skin, lips, hair , eyes, teeth .

We will also see how to Restore a Damaged Image .

We will also see how to Improve Image Quality

After taking this course , you will have enormous confidence in yourself to take up any Project of Retouching and Restoration .

We will cover the followings:

"Master Techniques" for Retouching and Restoration
Mastering Skin Retouching
Mastering Lips Retouching
Mastering Hair Retouching
Mastering Eye Retouching
How to Turn a "Normal Eye" to a "Vampire Eye"
How to Remove Pimples
How to Smoothen up our skin
How to Whiten our Teeth
How to Remove White Spots from Teeth
How to Brighten our Skin
How to Restore a Damaged Photo
How to Improve Image Quality

In just 3 Hours , you will become Master in "Beauty Retouching & Photo Restoration" by Learning Master Techniques. So, Lets Dive In .

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