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Whether you're a course provider, blogger, or business owner - you can talk to camera with confidence. What a life skill

Video creation. By the end of this course you will be able to give compelling, confident, professional talking-head videos

Whether you want to create video-based courses, or whether you're a business-owner or a blogger, wanting to leverage the power of short videos online – you have a problem. You hate the thought of talking to a camera. Your natural enthusiasm drains away. It all feels so unnatural, it's embarrassing.

I'm going to help you change all that – fast

And as a 'quick win' - just 30 minutes from now, you'll have created your own professional Intro, with music – completely free of charge.

You'll learn how to eliminate 'ums and 'ers. except…er, where you decide to add them to increase the sensation of spontaneity – well-rehearsed spontaneity!

I'll show you how to write a script that doesn't SOUND like a script

How to read a script without sounding like you're reading

How to get hold of a FREE teleprompter – and how to use it without looking like a terrified goldfish

How to add the extra ENTHUSIASM a video needs, without being embarrassed or sounding like a used-car salesman

Simple body language techniques to REINFORCE a message and to BUILD your argument

Why this course? Well, because I'm NOT a BROADCASTER. I haven't spent hundreds of hours in professional studios, rubbing shoulders with media people. I'm just like you – a HUMAN. Someone who's had to learn all the wrinkles for myself. But NOW, I'm going to share them with YOU.

So, why not join me straight away? And by the end of today, there'll be a new, confident you – happy to appear to camera. Comfortable, knowing that you can do it.

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