Python Programming for Real-Life Networking Use - #Python #Programming

Go from zero programming experience to building great apps for your network using video lectures and hands-on scenarios.

Python programming course aimed at network professionals with little or no experience in coding. This hands-on training takes you from "Hello World!" to complex network applications in no time.

Save Time And Money By Writing Your Own Python Programs To Automate Daily Network Tasks.

During this course you will learn Python concepts which are relevant to your networking job and build some amazing tools:

  1. A basic subnet calculator.
  2. A script for pushing the same configuration on multiple devices at the same time via SSH (secured connection) or Telnet (unsecured connection).
  3. A DHCP client simulator for testing DHCP services in your network.
  4. A tool for collecting CPU and Memory information from routers and storing it in a MySQL database for further statistics.
  5. An application for OSPF network discovery via SNMP, which finds all your OSPF routers and returns them in a nice map format.

Sounds unbelievable given your current programming experience? Well, it's true! How?

First, every Python key concept is explained in one or more video lectures, followed by a short quiz. Each video is filled with relevant examples, in a learn-by-doing fashion and the quizzes will help you consolidate the main ideas behind each topic.

After laying the foundation, we will dive right into the real-life networking scenarios and apply our knowledge to build 5 great network utilities.

Complete with working files, network topologies and code samples (in .pdf and .py formats), you will be able to work alongside me on each lecture and each application. I will provide a virtual machine with all the Python modules already installed and also the full code for each application, so you can start coding on the spot.

We will use emulated routers in GNS3 to test our apps in a network environment, so you can see the actual results of running your code.

Check out the FREE lectures in Sections 12-16 for a preview of what you are going to get from this course!

I encourage you to take your networking job to a higher level of automation, thus allowing you to save time and take care of complex network issues or improvements.

Hop on the network programming train by enrolling in this course. Let's get started!

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