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85 piano chords to learn and use as a video chord book

Learning to play piano or keyboard is a wonderful thing to do. It takes time but every minute spent learning piano is worth it.

Once you have learned the basics it is time to increase your knowledge of chords so that you can play chords properly and easily learn to play new songs. It is very easy to find the chords for a new song you wish to learn, and then find that you don’t know some of them. So now not only do you have to learn a new song, but at the same time learn a new chord or two consecutively.

The fact that you don’t know what the new chords should sound like, makes it doubly difficult. Also are you using your fingers properly? Get it wrong and it will be difficult to move on to the next chord. That’s where Quick and Easy Piano Chords comes in.

Quick and Easy Piano chords is a course designed by a qualified piano teacher to teach over 80 chords in 17 keys, so that you will only have to learn the songs, you already know the chords.

Ideally the course is suitable for someone who has learned the basics, knows their fingers and their notes and wishes to increase their chord knowledge. Of course anyone even just starting out could take the course. A video on finger numbers and a second one on notes of the piano is included, so it is suitable for even a total beginner.

The course consists of:

·HD Video lessons- so that you can clearly see how you should be playing each chord.

·High Quality Sound- so you can here how you should sound when playing your chord.

·All Major, Minor, Major 7, Minor 7 & 7th chords in 17 keys covered- so one chord course will be all you need.

·Teaching is provided by a qualified piano teacher, who will only teach you the correct way to play each chord. Just as she would teach you if you were a private student coming to her school for lessons.

·Proper fingering taught for both left and right hands, to ensure you play properly and can reach all of the chords, even the difficult to reach chords.

·Can be used as a teaching course to teach you all or some of the chords you wish to learn, or as a video chord book for you to check chords you have forgotten and need refreshing.

·Each chord is taught in an individual video to ensure quick and easy access any chord.

In order to take the course, you will need

- A piano or keyboard

- A means of accessing the internet which can be

- A computer

- A tablet

- Smartphone

In fact anything that can play video

·A printer to print the documents but this is not essential as they can be viewed on screen

By taking this course you will be able to play a tremendous number of popular songs. Chords that are rarely used in popular music but can be included, will be easy to learn due to the knowledge gained in this course.

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