Resume Fundamentals with Resume Hosting Coupon + Tips

Your complete resume supercharge kit: resume fundamentals, avoiding mistakes tips & one year free resume hosting coupon

Resume Fundamentals with Resume Hosting Coupon + Tips training kit // Course updated on May 10th, 2015.

We strive to give our students more than just education. We provide experience that can be instantly implemented in the real-world. We reach that goal with this course!

In this course with included resume supercharge kit, you'll get:

Comprehensive Resume Fundamentals course
Advice on connecting your resume with LinkedIn® to separate yourself from other professionals
TIPS on how to avoid the most common resume mistakes
Tools to supercharge your resume in the real-world as every student of this course receives a coupon for one year of online Resume Hosting.

The Main goal of the “Resume Fundamentals" course is to provide you with:

  1. Comprehensive Resume Fundamentals with everything you need to know about resume writing
  2. How to become more valuable and build a professional and effective resume which will be noticed by employers
  3. How to highlight your greatest assets, and shift attention away from gaps you might have in your employment history.
  4. How to literally supercharge your resume. There are dozens of resume building websites offering a combination of free and paid services. Many sites have excellent resume building tools, a wide variety of templates and formatting options, but do not allow you to connect your resume with LinkedIn.
  5. How to expand your opportunities by publishing your resume online.
  6. How to prepare keyword-rich and targeted resumes that get results.
  7. How to effectively connect your online hosted resume with LinkedIn and separate yourself from other professionals.
  8. How to avoid mistakes using the Special Skills Academy TIPS and TRICKS lecture section.

Plus, you'll get tools to supercharge your resume with the included Resume Hosting coupon. This entitles you to one year of free Resume Hosting, enabling you to go one step further and implement all learned into your real resume.

We wish to give our students more than just education and that our learning experience can really be instantly implemented in the real-world.

Take a look at the course curriculum for more detailed information.

Enroll today and make your resume more powerful!

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