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English language students, learn conversation skills with over 50 video lectures in this Basic English language course.

This is an introduction to troubleshooting ESL skills: Basic English Language Course. Its purpose is to fill in gaps in communication and give you knowledge of important topics like American culture and social skills, as well as trouble spots that are often skipped over in the English language classroom. It is a highly unique and extremely helpful smattering of solutions - but is not intended as a complete ESL course, nor is it for complete beginners.

Over the past 10 years of teaching adults and college students English as a Second Language, from my classes for beginners to intermediate and advanced students, I have made a note of common challenges. This collection of 60 of the best video lesson responses to these challenges are now organized in sequence with supporting materials and quizzes to help you, the learner, follow along and see your progress.

Includes a sampling of troubleshooting solutions across several topics
This basic English language course includes 60 video lectures from 1 to 7 minutes long each, supplementary text materials (explanations to review and worksheets for practice), and quizzes
You can complete this basic English language course at your own pace. If you watch one video per weekday, you complete the course in 3 months. If you study intensely for 3-4 hours each day, you can complete the course in two days.

You will benefit from this Basic English Language Course if you are:

A high-beginner, intermediate or advanced English learner
Looking for a unique, engaging and easy to follow course
Looking for a springboard to accelerate your English skills for social, professional or personal reasons
Interested in American English culture, idioms and pronunciation

This course is not recommended for:
Very low level beginners in English
Students looking for a traditional, textbook-based, complete A-Z English course
Students under 13 years old
Students not interested in social situations, professional English use, or American English

Take this Basic English Language Course right now and improve your English skill.

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