The Beginners Guide To Wordpress - Step-by-step Coaching #WordPress

Step-by-step Coaching To Kickstart Your WordPress Site Followed By Over The Shoulder Advanced Training

'The Beginners' Guide To WordPress' Is a helpful step-by-step over your shoulder course to help you take your first steps in creating a WordPress site.

The course begins at a basic level but also includes Advanced training and tips to help you enhance and customize your site further once you are comfortable with the WordPress dashboard.

Basic requirements for the course include the purchase of a Domain Name and a Web Hosting Account.

No previous knowledge of WordPress is required and it is suitable for anyone looking to create a WordPress site or who is looking to further enhance their knowledge on the subject.

The course consists of 3 sections;
Getting Started With WordPress
Advanced WordPress Training
Enhancing & Customizing Your WordPress Site

There are 34 Lectures in total and the course should take about 3 hours to complete (based on completion in one sitting).

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