Triple your Facebook Page's Likes in 2 weeks - #SocialMediaMarketing

Building, customizing, optimizing, automating and promoting a Facebook Fan Page for maximum exposure and engagement.

Fan Pages are everywhere. Each one of us has at least 50 pages, which display content on our newsfeed each time we check. So if you:

have a business
own a startup
share a specific interest with a group of people
have some sort of drive/passion
or simply, want to build a community...
then, most likely you already own a successful and engaging Fan Page, don't you?

Creating a Fan Page from scratch is not simple. That's why there are community managers being hired by companies and paid a lot of money to do it. But, the truth is, it's much easier than you think.

My name is James. I own a Fan Page called "We Love Pitbulls".

I started out just like you, from scratch. I only knew I loved Pitbulls and couldn't have enough of browsing and storing pictures of them. Until one day I decided to create a page about it.

I'm willing to show you exactly how i built my "We Love Pitbulls" page (seach it on facebook and it should appear first)

This course covers everything you need to know, from choosing your niche, to analyzing demographics... from selecting a cover photo to automating posts on a daily schedule.

Everything you need to know to start or to maximize the exposure of your Page is here.

I suggest, if you haven't already to check my promo video. I uploaded about 5 minutes of extracts from my whole course, for you to check out if this course fits your profile.

Everything on this course is based on Action. You'll see me doing it. From the moment I clicked "Create my Page" to my strategies to get more Likes.

So if you Like the idea, go ahead and take this course!

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