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How to manage the storage and handling, improve efficiency, minimize costs, and maximize value in the modern warehouse.

The warehouse continues to play a major role within organizations' supply chains and will keep on doing so for the foreseeable future. Finished goods needs to be held as close as to the point of consumption and this has led to transformation of many warehouses into cross-docking and transshipment centres, fulfilment, sortation and consolidation points while fulfilling their roles as storage facilities. As a result, managers need to have a greater understanding of the various warehouse roles and their effects on the business and supply chain.

This course aims to share the underlying principles of warehousing, the current and future challenges and advances in warehouse management, and help managers to improve their warehouse operations as a whole. The course will help managers and companies to increase productivity, reduces costs, improve customer service, ensuring the health and safety of warehouse staff, and reducing the negative effects on the environment. The course is designed from the perspective of hands-on operators and shares the instructor's past experiences and knowledge gained over the years.

Content and Overview:

This course contains 42 lectures, 6+ hours of content organized in 6 areas, and quizzes after each section. It's designed for beginners and intermediate professionals involved in daily operations, senior managers seeking a basic understanding of warehousing, and students considering a career in warehousing regardless of their experience level.

The content areas include:

  1. The Warehouse Manager's Role and Challenges. The Role of the Warehouse.
  2. Warehouse Processes - receiving and put-away, pick preparation, order picking, replenishment, stock management, dispatch, and value-adding services.
  3. Warehouse Management Systems, Warehouse Layout, Storage and Handling Equipment.
  4. Warehouse Resourcing, Costs, and Performance Measurement.
  5. Health and Safety Management. Impact on the Environment.
  6. Outsourcing and Future Challenges.

By the end of this course, you'll have gained valuable skills that will help you manage all aspects of warehousing, improving efficiency, productivity, quality, and accuracy while reducing costs; choose and utilize the most appropriate technology and storage and handling equipment; manage workforce and measure performance; improve health and safety and reduce the negative effects of warehousing on the environment; and use outsourcing opportunities for the warehouse functions. The course arms you with the practical skills needed to improve your overall performance as a Warehouse Supervisor/Manager and the overall performance of your company's warehouses as a crucial part of the supply chain.

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