Udemy Coupon - How I Make 1K+ Per Month Writing Books and Courses

Learn an easy way to write books and online courses so you can earn increasing royalties, for work you do only once!

Have you ever wanted to write a book in a day? How about authoring an online course to sell? Do you like residual income, i.e. royalties?

In this course you'll learn how to accomplish all three of these points; namely: (a) writing a book in five hours or less, (b) turning that book into an online course to sell, and (c) making sure you are set-up to earn residual income (royalties) that will continue to grow as you produce more content to sell on the world wide web.

This course is for you if you want to work from home successfully as an eBook / book author and self-publisher and course creator. Most importantly though, this course is for you if you like to work fast, produce mountains of profitable content, and all while maintaining the highest quality standards in everything you produce and sell online.

Some features of my system:

  1. You will barely have to edit your manuscripts.
  2. You will barely have to do research.
  3. Neither will you have to spend all day writing books nor fret over instructional design.

You will learn how to:

  1. Write chapters everybody benefits from reading.
  2. Implement a first-class template system so you can write books faster than FAST.
  3. Integrate quality standards in everything you do.
  4. Master English grammar in a flash.
  5. Be a better instructor.
  6. Be a better writer.

I created this system because I was tired of managing freelancers and having to relying on them to create eBooks for my Amazon Kindle publishing business. I was upset by the very low quality standards I was getting from these freelancers. My morals taught me there was a better way, and there is, and this is what you'll discover when you take my course. You are going to love this!

I'll see you inside!

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