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Complete course to learn how to prepare Bank Reconciliation Statement

Welcome to Learn Bank Reconciliation Statement Course. Business entities will be having large number of Bank transactions and these transactions will be recorded by them in their Cash Book (Bank Column). The bank balance as per Cash Book should be balanced with Bank Balance as per pass book. However, there will be certain differences due to timing difference between recording the transactions by the parties, namely the business entity and the Banker. This difference have to be identified and sorted at the earliest to avoid fraud and error. This difference can be identified by preparing a Statement known as Bank Reconciliation Statement and this course will teach you:

a) What is Bank Reconciliation Statement. 
b) What is Cash Book and Pass Book. 
c) Difference between Cash Book and Pass Book 
d) Causes for disagreement between the balance shown by Cash Book and Pass Book 
e) Procedure for preparing BRS 
f) Preparing BRS when bank balance is favourable / unfavourable. 

This course is structured in self paced learning style. Video lectures / screen cast are used for presenting the course content. Take this course to understand practical aspects of BRS.

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