Udemy to Kindle: See How I make More Course Sales on Amazon

Watch me step by step as I convert my own Udemy course into a best selling Kindle ebook! Also watch how I sell them both

I will show you step by step how to make your Videos or Video course into a best selling Kindle eBook. Let me show you one of the easiest ways of converting your videos into text, and also how to capture screen-shots to make the eBook writing process a simple one. I'll show you how to properly format your eBook - and the right software to use to compile your eBook into a file that can be used for Kindle. Every step of the process is laid out in this course, so that by the end you'll be able to easily sell your own Kindle eBook.

Why would I sell my info on Kindle, when I make more for it here?

You can do both! - And Amazon is one of the highest visited websites on the internet. Which means that there's huge potential here to drive free traffic over to your Udemy course! Let me show you how to harness the power of Amazon and Udemy together. It's an easy way to increase your revenue.

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