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Learn how to make a Youtube account, get more views on Youtube and grow your Youtube channel faster than ever

You want to make a Youtube account and create videos? You already have a Youtube channel but want to learn how to get more views? I'm here to guide you towards more views and success on Youtube!

I earned over 10000 dollars during 2014 on Youtube using various channels and techniques by working just a few hours a week and recently I decided to start my own brand to attempt to make Youtube my official job.

My new channel went from being ranked the millionth channel to 180,000th in just 4 months and my earnings are now 200+ dollars every month so you can make a profit very quickly by following my instructions.

However, very quick success is extremely unlikely so you must understand that Youtube will probably be your hobby for the first year, it might be less and it might be more, it all depends on your willingness to implement the knowledge you gain from this course.

The purpose of this course is to give you the idea of how Youtube works and what you need to do to grow your channel. It serves as a guide to make you understand the technical aspects of growth on Youtube. I cannot teach you how to create your content because I don't share your personality and interests.

I am also creating an advanced course(you will hear me reference it a few times) which will teach you how to properly use the money you earn from your channel to grow it even further. So once your channel starts generating revenue, you can consider checking the Advanced course out, which will be discounted 50% for the owners of this course!

You can ask me questions regarding your channel every day as long as your channel is under 5000 subscribers or you get less than 100k views a month.

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