10x Ultra Productivity Productivity Boost - Get Step-by-Step Productivity Hacks

Productivity Boost - Get Step-by-Step Productivity Hacks that Will Save Hours Every Day. Productivity Skyrocket!

Learn the Proven Strategies to Help You Become 10x Ultra Productive!

Course Outline

Module 1 - What you need to Become 10x Ultra Productive

  1. The myths that destroy productivity
  2. The logical but deadly belief that keeps people frustrated and overwhelmed
  3. Where productivity really begins
  4. The 4 Pillars to become ultra productive
  5. The number one reason that most people never create the results that they want
  6. The key mistakes that most people make when they're trying to set goals
  7. A very powerful template that ensures that you're creating absolute clarity for yourself
  8. Why everything in your life is the result of the decisions that you make ... and how you an increase your productivity fast!
  9. Why making decisions is so difficult for most people, and most people tend to procrastinate
  10. The mindset that is proven to be not only a common trait, but the common trait among the wealthiest and most successful people in the world
  11. We will talk about what boundaries really are, and why they are so important in productivity, in the world of becoming more powerful and productive
  12. Why most people don't create boundaries that actually work for them; they create things that complicate and frustrate them ... finally this affects their productivity
  13. How to fit them into your daily routine so that they happen almost automatically or magically

Module 2 - How to Discover your Top Performance Activities

  1. The single biggest mistake that entrepreneurs make that ends up limiting their success
  2. How to quickly overcome that challenge, and how to get more done and increase the value of what you output and your productivity
  3. How to calculate your hourly value target and how it can be radically increased if you do this properly
  4. Why is it so important to discover what your Top Activities are as an entrepreneur?
  5. How can you quickly identify your Top Activities to boost your Productivity?

Module 3 - The Power of FOCUS

  1. How to instantly increase your productivity ---> I'm talking literally overnight!
  2. This module is where you're going to start to see a massive shift in your productivity
  3. The number one reason that most people are horribly unproductive
  4. You will take a little exercise to demonstrate the real damage people do to their productivity
  5. The single most powerful tool for getting more done – doing this alone will DOUBLE your Productivity

Module 4 - The Secret to Eliminating Distractions

  1. The biggest distractions you face that damages your productivity
  2. How to manage and minimize the distractions in your day
  3. The only way to avoid constantly being distracted
  4. How to develop a simple system to remove the control your phone has
  5. The biggest mistakes people make with handling their email which affects their productivity
  6. How to take back control and eliminate your email from distracting you and your productivity
  7. How to create simple systems to avoid being constantly disrupted by others and be more productive
  8. Where most people go wrong, and how to ensure you still provide the support and contact necessary

Module 5 - Develop a Powerful Routine

  1. Why leaving your habit creation to memory or will power will always fail
  2. How to put yourself in the right productivity mindset
  3. What can you do daily to improve and maintain your physical body
  4. The key areas that you need to develop plans for, and why to skyrocket your productivity
  5. 3 elements in designing a powerful routine and triple your productivity

Module 6 - How to Leverage your Strategies (upcoming)

  1. What outsourcing and crowd sourcing are, and how they work
  2. A couple of examples of posting a job and using Elance and oDesk
  3. Why outsourcing is such a powerful way to leverage yourself and increase your productivity
  4. What really motivates people and increase their productivity
  5. Why Leadership is so important as an Entrepreneur
  6. Why things often break down with employees and contractors
  7. A simple process that helps you be a more inspired leader to others

If you're looking for "instant easy" productivity - DO NOT take this course. This course is for serious people who want to put into action what it takes to become 10x Ultra Productive.

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