8 hour Udemy Course Creation Challenge - 99$ 100% Off

Watch as I try to create a course for Udemy in just 8 hours on the same working day.

This course came about when I decided to set myself a challenge which was to create a course for Udemy in the space of just 8 hours !!

You will see whether I succeeded or failed miserably. You'll get to learn about the problems I came across on the challenge and how / If I resolved them. Watch over my shoulder as I create courses live in front of you. You will also learn about:

  1. Course creation in a short space of time
  2. Course structure
  3. How to Improve your audio on presentations using Audacity
  4. Where to get free graphics and images to use in your course creation process
  5. How to use green screen to improve your course videos.
  6. The correct way of shooting a talking head video.
  7. This is a warts and all look at the course creation process. The good, the bad and the downright ugly. The course sections have been left untouched from the moment they were uploaded to Udemy.

If at the end of this, you come away thinking are now more motivated to get your courses out there and published quickly and efficiently , then I have succeeded. Ultimately, you will need both quality and to take action to be a success on Udemy.

Come with me on my 8 hour course creation challenge!


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