A Beginner's guide to big data - Hadoop is one the key components of Big Data

A guide to someone who is willing start his career in big data. Our program is structured from ground level.

So basically this course will cover basics of Big data and Hadoop. How big data is affecting our lives, future prospects of big data and what are the current sectors in which we are using big data.

Also as you proceed to section, you will learn about Hadoop and its Architecture.

Hadoop is one the key components of Big Data.

You'll also learn about Hadoop's two main components-

1)Hadoop Distributed File System

2)Hadoop MaprReduce.

In short you'll learn:
  1. Types of data - Structured, Unstructured, semi-structured data
  2. Companies using Hadoop and use cases in different domains
  3. Limitations of traditional large scale systems architecture
Why DFS ?
  1. Introduction to Hadoop
  2. Core components of Hadoop
  3. Understanding Hadoop Master-Slave Architecture
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