Actionscript 3 Side Scrolling Games - Udemy Course Coupon 100% Off

Actionscript 3 Side Scrolling Games - Udemy Course Coupon
Use Flash and Actionscript 3 to program a side scrolling game that could be played online, on Android, or iOs devices.

Justin Dike, lead developer and owner of teaches every step in programming a side scrolling Flash game with Actionscript 3. Use the arrow keys to move a character around and attack while traversing a vector based environment (you can easily draw the entire level to play on using vector shapes or movie clips.

Also included is alternate code to use with a mobile device's accelerometer (tested on the Android & iPhone OS). Topics include:
  1. Add new classes for different enemies.
  2. Add new classes for objects like coins to collect.
  3. Swap in new art to easily create new levels (just cut and paste, or draw in new art).
  4. Add more levels, including animation that the player could collide with.
  5. Add more objectives (items to pick up or areas on the board to go to)
  6. Adjust how many enemies are on stage, where they spawn from, and how often they appear.
  7. Change the physics of the game, speed or attack intensities of the enemies
  8. As usual with Justin's tutorials, source files are included.
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