Active Campaign Power Start - Become an Active Campaign Power User

Become an Active Campaign Power User. From the basics to advanced automation and tagging in 60+ lessons.

This course takes you from beginner to advanced user of the Active Campaign Email Marketing System. So you can use the power of the Active Campaign system quickly.

Ideal for anyone starting with Active Campaign or switching over from another email systems. Also suitable for those with a little experience of Active Campaign who have lost their way.

Over the course of 60+ video lessons and just over 2 hours you will

  1. Discover all the foundations of using Active Campaign before building on them
  2. Know how to use Active Campaign and third party methods for collecting leads
  3. Understand the power of automation and tagging for intelligent marketing
  4. Work out a naming and organisation system for your account to avoid growing pains later
  5. Be able to rework the example automations to warm up your prospects, convert freebie downloads to customers and reduce refunds
  6. Discover what is working with campaign and automation reporting
  7. Avoid the gotcha's and mistakes of other Active Campaign users

Why take this course?

  1. You want a flying start with Active Campaign
  2. You want to get to an advanced level and go further than the basics
  3. You feel the power of Active Campaign but have got lost in setting it up

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