Amazon FBA: Product Research, Outsourcing, and Mastery

Earn money passively. Learn Amazon FBA and use it to create profitable ecommerce businesses. No experience needed!

This is a walkthrough of the ins and outs of Amazon FBA. Even if you have no experience with it, you will begin to create profitable ecommerce products that stand out from the competition.

Learn how to beat out the big brands and do so passively, so you can spend less time managing a business and more time setting up new products, increasing your business's profits.

Master Product Creation to Create Extraordinary Brands and Gain Passive Income

Choosing a product
Branding your product
Negotiating a killer deal with your manufacturer
Pricing and branding your product
Make Money Passively

This is a comprehensive course that will guide you through the entire setup of an Amazon FBA business. You'll see the setup process in action, rather than just learning ecommerce theory like in other courses.

What makes this course different is the fact that it goes beyond buying and reselling, instead showing you how to outsource everything. In a few weeks, you can have an entire ecommerce business setup and run for you by Amazon FBA. You'll be able to differentiate your products from the competition. And you'll earn more money than most “fully managed" ecommerce businesses.

Contents and Overview

We start by learning what it takes to win at Amazon FBA.

Then, we go through the step-by-step walkthroughs that teach you how to choose a product, brand a product, and get the product onto Amazon.

After mastering the product creation, I'll give you some marketing tips. This can push your business into overdrive, but it is entirely optional. Your main goal is to get your product on Amazon FBA and start making money passively. Whether you want to keep your fulltime job and run this as a side business or gain enough passive income to quit your job, this course is for you.

Bonus: FREE CONSULTING through the discussion forum. My phone consulting costs $300 an hour, but you get my consulting free through the discussion forum.

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