Bugzilla - Master the Worlds Best Defect Tracking System Udemy Coupon

Learn Bugzilla to increase team productivity, reduce downtime, raise customer satisfaction, and improve communications!!

Bugzilla is an extremely popular, browser based, full featured Bug Tracking and Testing tool. It is used in thousands of installations around the world - from small software shops to some of the world's largest and most popular software products including MOZILLA FIREFOX, Apache server, LINUX Kernel to just name a few.

Learn and Master Bugzilla to build a WORLD CLASS defect tracking system for your organization and team.

Increase your team's productivity by controlling bugs super-effectively
Reduce product downtime - manage each and every bug in the system
Raise customer satisfaction - empower them with a world class Bug Tracking
Improve communications - use Bugzilla as your most powerful Project Management tool

Bugzilla: The FREE Testing Tool used on the World's most used Software Products

Bugzilla is used by both Microsoft Tech based companies and Open Source companies alike - product companies or services or consulting firms - have benefited from the robust, scalable and no-frills Bugzilla.

Course Overview and Contents

  1. Start with a gentle introduction to Bugzilla and learn what it can do for you
  2. Learn how to create user accounts for yourself and your team
  3. Understand the PHILOSOPHY of Bugzilla - learning about the Anatomy of a Bug
  4. See and learn the life cycle of a bug in Bugzilla. Understand the major and minor workflows
  5. Learn how to report a bug like a world class testing professional
  6. Get a printable "Bug Writing Guidelines" - and share it with your entire team

BONUS: Get PRO level Bugzilla Tips and Tricks - learn some advanced usages
Upon completing this course, you will be able to use Bugzilla as a powerful tool in quality assurance and project management for your organization. You will also be able to implement end-to-end defect tracking and management for your product or project alike.

This course is not intended to teach the installation or server maintenance of Bugzilla - as that will be out of scope for this course. However, I have provided some basic level instructions if you want to install Bugzilla for your usage on a Windows Machine.
A free publicly available and full featured Bugzilla test installation is available on the net - you can search for "Landfill: The Bugzilla Test Server". You can use this if you do not yet have access to a Bugzilla installation.

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