Build an iPhone app from scratch through to the App Store - Free Course

Watch as an ex-Google iOS App developer takes an App idea from a new Xcode project through to an App Store submission.

Everyone wants to make an iPhone App these days, but it's hard to know where to start. You download Xcode, fire it up, and... have no idea what to do. The learning curve is steep, documentation poor, and the Internet is scattered with the corpses of half-completed tutorials

Simply put, there are an abundance of tutorials and blog posts out there that show you how to perform only one particular aspect of iOS development. Or they'll show you how to get started on an extremely simple app, but won't take you any further. Or they'll teach you poor practices that won't help you in the long run

This course will demystify Xcode and the whole process of App development

Instead, this video series will take you on the full journey: from creating a new Xcode project, all the way through to the finish line: submitting the App to the App Store. You'll be watching over my shoulder for the entire development lifecycle of this app

And I'll be writing the code in production-worthy way, without all the usual tutorial shortcuts. You'll gain the knowledge of how a well-architected app should be put together, gleaned from the hard-won knowledge of my many years as a senior iOS developer (I even worked at Google as an iOS contractor)

Your experience

This course is perfect for anyone who has some programming experience and would like to break the back of the Xcode learning curve by seeing it demystified from beginning to end. You are encouraged to have at least some level of familiarity with Objective-C syntax before you start. Beginning-to-intermediate iOS developers can also stand to learn some of the techniques for architecting an app in a best-practices manner

Contents and Overview

In almost 2 and a half hours of real-time development, you'll see all of the following:

  1. App development
  2. Icon creation
  3. Screenshot design
  4. Submitting to the App Store

You'll also get all the source code for each step of the way, and a script I use to create fantastic-looking App Store screenshots in a modern style

Upon completion, you will be familiar with Xcode, and will know where to get started on building your own apps.

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