Build your Willpower - The Science of Self-Control

Learn about the science behind strong willpower. Raise your self-control and achieve your goals.

Course Overview

Based on the latest research and cutting-edge insights from psychology, neuroscience and medicine, this course distills it all into practical lessons and tools to build your self-control.

Use self-control to improve your health, happiness and productivity

- Learn how to train the brain areas in charge of self-control
- Get a wide variety of willpower hacks that you can apply right away
- Learn to switch from the emotional to the rational brain system
- Increase your willpower energy reservoir

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Udemy Course by: Manuel Kraus
Udemy Premium Instructor for Positive Psychology

Manuel Kraus is the founder of Good Life Foundation, an organization seeking to empower individuals and communities across the world to live happy and fulfilled lives by teaching positive psychology. He is also an expert in the field and one of only a few people in the world holding a Master's degree in Applied Positive Psychology. His main research interest focuses on the experience of meaning in life.