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Business Pitch Template: This simple PowerPoint Business Plan is an effective way to write a Business Pitch in 45 min.

Business Pitch Template: To Supercharge Your Business Idea!

Are you interested in creating a viable business pitch presentation in a matter of minutes? Do you want to pass your message to investors in a succinct and interesting way? Or maybe you want to create a business pitch for the purpose of raising funding? Do you have 1 hours to learn?

Whatever your motivation, I am happy to offer you a front row seat on my premier online course "Business Pitch Template: To Supercharge Your Business Idea!". My course will get you there quickly and efficiently.

This course comes with a 30-Day Guarantee!

Warning! If you are looking for a path to quick riches, a road paved with get rich quick fixes and powered by a desire for easy wealth, well, this is not the course for you. In fact do not attempt to register for this course if your goal is to become the next billionaire in the next two hours. Please do not waste your time here. Please run along because this course is not the answer to your get-rich-quick- pursuit.

On the other hand, if you are looking to create a business pitch that will provide lasting benefits, then come along, I designed this course for you.

This course requires someone to study, research and follow through with hard-work. Your success will depend on your tenacity and your will to succeed. The good news is that if you follow the simple instructions laid out in this course you will create a winning business pitch!

This PowerPoint Business Pitch Template is:

Quick & easy to write
Useful to generate start-up/growth capital
Able to stimulate investors interests
Able to help you create a template for running your business
An effective tool to qualify your idea
Able to help you sharpen your presentation skills
A first step towards a comprehensive plan
I will walk you through the entire process you need to create a viable business pitch that can work for a variety of needs.

In this course I will show you the following

How to create a solid business background format
How to calculate how much you need for the business
How to present your failures in a positive fashion
Understanding your niche and opportunities
How to structure your business idea
They say a fool learns from their own mistakes, and the wise learn from the mistakes of others, I say get it right the first time, and the question of mistakes will not arise. I have eliminated all the fool-stops in the way to help you create a solid but simple business pitch.

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