Competitive Intelligence: Build Guaranteed Profit Business

“Spy Tools” That Are Possible Today Take A SHORTCUT Directly To Accelerate Winning Products, Traffic, Sales,And Profit.


HAVE you EVER WASTED you Time,Money or ENERGY ON Product Ideas, Traffic Campaigns, Funnels, Conversion Techniques That didn't Even WORK!

Lets face it, The old days of Internet has gone, The INTERNET landscape became very competitive, its really hard to get free traffic anymore, and the paid traffic became very expensive.

I'm going to tell you the HONEST, BRUTAL TRUTH that most people don't want to talk about… Making Money online is now 10X harder than it was just a few years ago – and it's getting worse every single day.

HOWEVER, There are many 'Digital Marketers' making MILLIONS of Dollars per year right now and they will continue to do so; because they are taking an approach that most (that fail) do not.

They Knew that Business is MATH, How Much they Gonna Pay? For How Long? and How Much They Will Get?

Business and Marketing in General is ALL ABOUT DATA.

What if You Can UNCOVER DATA about What's Already Selling, How things are already being successfully marketed? and HOW to Generate Traffic from the same Profitable Sources.

OLD BUSINESS OWNERS WOULD Envy US IF They Know We Have Such Powerful SHORTCUT TO ALL DATA WE NEED USING "Competitive Intelligence".

IT'S A Powerful Shortcut WHICH CAN DECONSTRUCT Any Successful Business And GIVE YOU A Recipe BY Ingredients Of How This Successful Business Works.

What products do they sell?

Who is their supplier?

What's their margin?

How long have they been selling?

What's their average customer value?

Do they sell multiple products?

Who are their partners?

Who are their affitiates?

What does their funnel look like?

Are they using behavioral triggering?

Where do they buy traffic?

What keywords convert for them?

What is their ad budget?

What is their Ideal customer demographic?

What is their Content strategy?

What type of copywriting do they use?

Are they an established brand?

How long have they been in business?

What is their estimated annual revenue?

What is their estimated annual profit?

do they use discounts and special offers?

What are they trying to do to expand?

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