Composition Masterclass: Elevate Your Film and Photography

A unique guide to applying core principles and rules from film and photography to dramatically enhance your composition

This step by step course takes you through the theory and practice of great composition - using a series of clear and engaging lectures combined with practical examples of great composition brought to bear in photography and film.

The course covers all the major principles and rules of composition, and shows how film and photo composition techniques are merging to the benefit of both disciplines.

You will be taught be veteran film director and passionate photographer Paul Jenkins, who is bringing to bear more than twenty years experience making films worldwide into this course. You'll be learning what you thought you knew about composition and take your images and videos to a whole new level because every frame will tell the story you intended to tell!

Your photos and films will benefit immeasurably as a result. In terms of quality - and therefore the potential visibility of your work to the public at large - creative and dynamic composition is one of the core skills you should seek and develop for as long as you wish to wield a camera!

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