Create & Manage Perfect Websites with WordPress

Learn how to start creating powerful websites & Blogs that helps you to build online presence on web & social media.

Learn to Build websites Step by Step: This course is for all those who want start their own blog or website and want to create websites for others as well.

No experience required : You will be able to create websites with WordPress yourself after watching this video course.

There are over 25 video lectures, each lectures covers an individual topic.

Reason To Learn WordPress: WordPress is most widely used Content Management System or web software to build and manage websites. 23% websites built with WordPress.

Notable WordPress Users: WordPress is not only used by individuals but large and famous companies also use WordPress for their different projects. Google, Microsoft, Nokia, Sony are some popular users.

What you will be able to Do after watching this video course?

You will be able to register domain names and buy web hosting at affordable price.

You will be able to create and websites from scratch yourself.

The easy way to install WordPress in under 3 minute
how to use WordPress dashboard video

Most Important Things To Do After Installing WordPress

How to change the design or theme of a WordPress website/blog

How to auto share wordpress blog post on facebook twitter, google+ and more

and more

how to add a contact us page wordpress

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